You never know what you’ll get

11 Jan

It was a strange day in the neighborhood. Atlanta feels weird right now. Very cloudy, yet still bright. Warm. Humid. Not what you would think of mid-January. I happen to really like it because I still get to wear sweaters but it’s not freezing in the house in the mornings. I fully expect the weather to do a 180 shortly. It always does. I remember wearing shorts in December when I was a kid, the one warm day in the middle of all the cold.

Our neighborhood is pretty nice. Some rich, some modest, some poor. We got it all here. But we’re still all pretty nice and enjoy living next to each other.

I decided to take Walt for a walk in the afternoon even though he went to the zoo with his grandmother in the morning while I did some work from home. As I was leaving my driveway I see our neighbor parking. This is the neighbor that rents the basement apartment a few doors down from us. I haven’t really enjoyed the tenant’s presence because up until now s/he has consisted of the person who leaves lots of trash, including broken glass, on the sidewalk.

Well, the tenant is a she. And maybe a hooker. I haven’t seen someone dressed like that since Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She was even sporting the long, curly red hair. Extremely short black shorts. Stockings that almost reached the bottom of her shorts. Thigh high black boots. It was truly a sight to behold. I don’t feel like a judgmental housewife, but come on now, woman. Why are you dressed like that?

I said hi as little boy and I walked by. Today was the first day he rode facing forward in his BOB! I wonder if he noticed the tacky lady too?



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