What do we really know?

12 Jan

It is funny to me when people talk about the role of women in society. There is so much complexity when you think about something like that, but to break it down to its utter simplicity, women are made to make children. This is an incredible, unbelievable ability. With the smallest of ingredients, most of us are able to make, birth, and then nurture a child until it can walk and eat adult food. I’m not saying we can’t do other things, but biologically we are here on this earth to help create more of the human race — and I’m not saying that’s necessarily a good thing either. I’ve compared humans on earth to germs infesting an organism before. But we’re here, whether by God or by chance, and nothing but self-destruction or a random universal event will change that.

It is wrong to say that the traditional role of women excludes being in the “workforce.” Women have forever been working, if you consider working to be participating in providing resources, food and shelter for her and her family. In our nomadic, agricultural, industrial, and now technological societies, women have always been a great force behind what gets accomplished. Maybe only a few (few being not as many as men) have stood out in history, but that’s because history cannot be 100% accurate. It is remembrances, and those who have studied psychology know how flimsy the brain is in that regard. We have more connections in our brains than stars in the universe, and maybe that’s what makes it so hard to remember a particular event. To remember what we had for lunch yesterday let alone all of last year. The best we can do is write down immediately what we saw and felt. But when you think of how many versions of history there are, let alone how many days, years, centuries worth of information to know, it’s as intimidating as looking up at the stars and getting dizzy seeing all that space.

When I truly think about the universe, and imagine how small I really am, my mind is blown. I almost had a panic attack thinking about it the other day, so like most people I just continue to live in my little world thinking happy thoughts and imagining I’m living the best, most fulfilling life I can. But the universe is as scary a thought as death. So much unknown out there. We can’t see inside our bodies and we can’t see outside our line of vision. Living in this world as a human is incredibly limiting, but we think we’ve solved the problem with the internet – and the microscope and the telescope and all sorts of other playthings. We now have so much information at our fingertips that we think we are knowledgeable, but can you truly know something you haven’t experienced? You can certainly think you know. That’s the easy part. Memorizing information. Making observations and thinking interpretations are fact.

The good news is, I’ve figured out why people invented marriage. It’s so that when you get back into bed in the middle of the night in winter, you know there will be someone there to warm you up and cuddle with you.


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