What’s Christmas got to do with it?

13 Jan

It’s almost the middle of January and there are two of our neighbors who haven’t taken down their Christmas lights. In high school I used to leave the lights up in my room for so long that in October I figured it would be a waste to take them down just to have to put them back up again. So I understand the sentiment. However, the neighbors across the street have one strand of garland lights over their door that would probably take all of five minutes to get down. Maybe less.

Then there’s the crazy lights house. They get into holiday decorating even more than Dave and I do. For Halloween their whole yard becomes a scary vision of witches in trees and graveyards and such. Yet strangely enough when I walked around with my nephew trick-or-treating this year they didn’t answer the door! At least they weren’t as bad as their next door neighbor who put up a blockade with a sign that said “No Treats Here” as if the sign would be easily read in the dark by people who mistook the meaning of the blockade.

It takes the owners of the crazy lights house days to hang lights all over their yard — and on some weird arch thing they put up just for more lights — and then they sync it to a personal radio station that plays Christmas music. You can tune in to listen as you pass by — or god forbid stop to enjoy — but I don’t like to encourage them (not that it would change anything). The lights look like they are having an epileptic seizure from 6pm to midnight the entire month of December. And apparently well into January this year too! I can’t believe their neighbors don’t complain of headaches. I complain of micro migraines any time I see that house but unfortunately for him only Dave has to endure it. I wonder when they think Christmas ends this year? Even the 12 days are up. No more drummers drumming!

I actually prefer the house on the corner of BP and Zesto’s who apparently bought every light-up lawn ornament in the state just in case someone might miss the fact that they like Christmas. Where do they store all that stuff for the other eleven months of the year???

It’s like our neighborhood throws a tacky Christmas sweater party and we weren’t invited. And I’m OK with that.


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