What a swell weekend looks like

28 Jan

This weekend has been a stellar weekend. For instance, I was able to take a shower Friday and Saturday! Right now my husband sits in front of our fire eating ice pops. Only slightly contradictory.

Friday night we finished season 1 of Homeland, which we got from Netflix. We’ve been obsessed this week, waiting for the mail each day so we could continue on Carrie’s quest. And when she got shock therapy at the end of the last episode, the idea that we had to wait 8 more months to find out if she’d remember about Brody and Isa was shocking. So of course today we ordered Showtime just so we can watch season 2 then cancel it!

Walt then slept 13 hours straight, for his first real full night’s sleep since birth. I woke up before him, checked on him to make sure he was OK, then couldn’t go back to bed. I must have new mother’s syndrome.

Saturday we enjoyed a lazy morning, then went to lunch at my in-laws where a family friend joined us. My mother-in-law got a crib for us a couple months ago so nap time at their house would be easier (so sweet!). It was nice to be able to spend some time there, dressing Walt in David’s old baby clothes. He looked like a baby straight out of the early 80’s.

We got home and my mother came over to babysit while we went to serve dinner at Clifton Sanctuary Ministries (I feel very lucky to have parents who want to babysit my little boy!). David and I are the Morningside shepherds for this great shelter, organizing dinners there once every other month. This month we had lots of helpers, which is frankly a welcome change, and then the new young adult minister and his wife joined us for dinner out at Taqueria del Sol after. We hadn’t been to Taqueria in a couple years and those enchiladas sure hit the spot.

We got home at 8:30pm, released my mother, and were asleep by 10:30. It was fantastic. Not like our party days in times past, but I don’t mind the change.

At church today we were only 20 minutes late, and Walt stayed awake and happy through the entire rest of the service. That means we got to hear the whole sermon! And I swear our son reads the hymnal as we’re singing the songs.

I’ve been tired this afternoon and my weekly chores start tomorrow, but I look forward every day to teaching my son about life and enjoying it with him. Knowing this boy has made me more blessed than I ever thought I deserved.



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