If you thought grocery shopping was boring, you were wrong

29 Jan

It was one of those days when you think you have everything under control, you’re accomplishing a lot, even when the baby didn’t let you sleep very much, until you get to the check out line at Kroger and the bag boy has helped you empty a week’s worth of groceries onto the conveyor belt and you’re almost done checking out and you realize you don’t have your wallet.

Yes, it is on your desk at home from when you bought the Living Social coupon for the BYOB painting adventure you’re going to do with some girlfriends on Friday night, a much needed girls’ night out.

But first you have to run to the car, put the baby in his car seat, drive home (Catbird carrier straps flapping out the driver’s side door as yes it is still attached to your waist), run up the stairs, thank God your wallet is actually still there and not stolen, drive back to the grocery store, get the disgruntled baby back in his carrier, hustle inside, grab your cart from its hidden location, almost knock over the Easter candy display by the registers, and then ask the nice people to do it all over again for you.

Luckily I like these kind of days. I would post a picture of the delicious meal we ate tonight but I didn’t have time to take one before Dave and I devoured it. Yes, mom, it was full of vegetables. Six different kinds, actually! I think that’s a personal record.


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