What will your destiny be today?

7 Feb

I started off my morning by having a dream that I was on an elevator so packed with people we thought it wouldn’t be able to move but faster and higher we went until we flew around the house and through the attic door while I thought “and here awaits our destiny.” Then someone died after being thrown out the window (the elevator was moving too quickly) and Dave became friends with a zombie woman I didn’t like. I could have just left it at the scary elevator ride.

It was a beautiful day today so Walt and I went to the park after his afternoon nap. We walked around and then we went to the playground so he could watch all the other little kids play (I can’t wait til he’s old enough to walk around!). Every time I go there it is filled with children and their parents. There is even a stroller parking lot.

Stroller Parking lot

We stayed a while to enjoy the 60 degree weather and sunshine and then started back to our car. I was walking ahead of a crying child, and the further we got the more I wondered, Why couldn’t the parents or mom quiet this little kid? I didn’t want to look at them because I thought it would be rude to stare at the unruly family but at some point I stopped to let them pass so I could enjoy the rest of my walk with Walt without the crying following us. Much to my surprise I saw a mom holding a fairly sizable child and he and his sister were covered in blood. They were accompanied by another mom and her kids. Whoops. I offered some assistance but they had it somewhat under control. The kid had fallen on his chin and I think the blood was the result of a rather superficial wound, the child looked like he was crying more for show than true anguish, but the mom was definitely still freaking out. The other mom told me head wounds bleed like that as she walked back to the park with her children. I guess I should get used to that. Dave’s parents keep warning me about what kind of headstrong child their son and I most likely produced.

But right now he’s so cuddly it’s hard to imagine what he’ll be like.


He’s so interested in the world. I love watching him watch everything going on around him (like how he loves petting the cat now). I’d like to get some memberships to the places around Atlanta (the Zoo, the High Museum, the Botanical Gardens, etc.) so even though he’s not one year old yet we’ll both be entertained by the sights and sounds of these places. Atlanta has a lot of stuff to offer that I don’t usually take advantage of, unfortunately.

There is a new Draft Filling Station on the way home from Dave’s work. Cool concept; you buy reusable jugs and then fill them up with draft beer. They have a large, unique selection — uh oh! They’re thinking about doing wine on tap too! So far it’s turned our drying grass into a multi-functional tool for both Daddy’s and Baby’s bottles:


So many possibilities await us.


2 Responses to “What will your destiny be today?”

  1. Hans July 1, 2013 at 1:41 am #

    Love that you have our growler on this site and, moreover that you had a good experience with us at DRAFT. I hope you will continue to frequent our shop. Please let us know how we’re doing!

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