Food Food Food

14 Mar

Whole Foods is the heaven of grocery stores. Literally all the good little fruits and vegetables go there when they die. I hate it there because everything looks so delicious and wonderful that I just want to buy it all. Things I don’t even like or wouldn’t know what type of dish to put it in, I want to buy them so I can have that much more beautiful food in my house. The employees there seem to have college degrees and are friendly and happy, which is the complete opposite of my neighborhood Kroger. There is a wine and cheese section. Only my two favorite foods. The only thing I despise are the posh prices.  Which is why I can only step foot inside those doors (flanked with beautiful flowers no less) on special occasions.

Whole Foods
I can’t tell if I like it better than the Farmer’s Market. They both have delicious food. The Farmer’s Market is cheaper but Whole Foods is just prettier, and I do like beautiful things.

The little boy, as it turns out, likes kale! I think it has less of a strong flavor as a puree than it does as whole leaves. Though illogical, it could be true.

I’m not sure the food muses have entirely forsaken me, but a couple of meals have turned out less than stellar lately. They must not have liked my bragging, though I could swear I tried to sound more grateful than narcissistic. I attempted an easy spicy creamed corn dish involving cream cheese and I blame my wanting to go the easy route (it was pretty disgusting). I should always remember that the easy route isn’t always the best route, especially in the kitchen. And then I attempted veal cutlets a couple nights ago, which were actually fine except I wanted them to taste like my mother used to make them when I was little and when I asked her what she did she said she used flour to coat them, but when I told her they didn’t taste the same at all she said she must have meant bread crumbs.

Tonight we’re going to Piedmont Driving Club Park Room for dinner and out to the Atlanta Symphony with Dave’s parents. I haven’t had sushi since before I was pregnant, and they have some of the best sushi in all of Atlanta, so I’m looking forward to the night out, thanks to my mother last-minute babysitting for us. I really like having so many wonderful grandparents in town with us. They must like having us here too!

Bring on the Beethoven!


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