I really need to stop locking the cat in the nursery when the baby is sleeping

21 Mar

The whole reason we shut the door is to keep the cat out. Yet twice now I’ve left her in there. First time, several months ago, the baby woke up shockingly early from a nap as I hear this “meow” through the monitor. Yep, she was in there. Then a few nights ago I told Dave to go check on the baby when he got home from work and when he opened the door, Petra was sitting at the door saying, “Oh thank goodness you opened that.” In my defense, she purposefully hides in the toys so I don’t notice her.


Today we were playing with a continually deflating beach ball (thank you Petra) when the doorbell rang. It’s kind of like when our house phone rings, I always expect it to be solicitors. Well it was worse, Democrats asking for money! I told them upfront I was a Libertarian and wouldn’t contribute, and the guy kept talking like our brief conversation on the porch would change my political mind that has taken years to get where it is. There are some things that Democrats and I agree on, namely social freedom. But even that is stretching it with their ideas of gun control, public education, and welfare, to name a few. The Georgia Democrats apparently want to lower the GPA required for the Hope Scholarship. Hope is going broke, just like Social Security. That’s like saying, let’s lower the  Social Security age and give them lots of checks. Hell, let’s just give everybody money all the time. We don’t know where it’s coming from, but it’s free money!

Picking From The Money Tree

I was at my BFF’s 30th birthday party last weekend, where we put a 2012 Christmas tree in the bonfire (and boy was that frightening), and much to my surprise there were several other parents there. Some kids were asleep in the upstairs bedrooms and others were at home with babysitters so the parents had a free night like us. I was talking to this one dad about how when he was anteliber, he always thought people were crazy who didn’t want to have kids, at least eventually. And now that he has a child, he understands what a responsibility it is and doesn’t judge them anymore. I thought that was surprising, because I can’t imagine why a person wouldn’t want the joy in their life that I get from my son (of course I’m talking about non-abusive parents).

This girl overheard us talking and interjected with, “Yeah, it’s hard being a parent. You never stop being a parent. My mother still has to bail me out when I’m in trouble and I’m 29.”

Of course I can’t stop thinking about the unconditional love I experience for my own child, a feeling I never knew before I had a child and one that grows every day he is alive, and I say something like,

“But she’s probably happy to do it. She wants to save you when you need it!”

Girl: “But it’s not easy for her. She has to move things around and go without to give me money.”

Me: “OK, sure, but I bet she’s glad you come to her instead of do something bad like steal.”

Girl: “Yeah, she’s proud of me for making the right choices. I mean, I work, I go to school, but I still need saving sometimes.”

Recently I’ve been reading a lot about the current culture of raising children that started with my generation, coined “The Cult of Self Esteem” by The Atlantic, where parents are afraid to let their children get hurt or take risks or feel any pain, therefore we grow up wandering and a bit lost and thinking that if we follow the path then good things will happen to us. Pretty much the opposite of real life. I know I’ve fallen into that trap a bit. I’m trying to voice this when I say,

“It’s difficult for their generation. They were raised to work hard, but then they raised us to get what we wanted…”

When she interjects

“Oh I didn’t get what I wanted growing up. I had to work growing up.”

And I’m thinking this girl is about to give me her sob story.

“I had horses and I had to slave away at the McDonald’s down the street to pay for them.”

Um, horses?

“That’s why I’m going to buy my mom the vacuum she wants.”

I didn’t open my mouth again until she walked away from me.

He loved the ball! I’m going to shower him with balls of all shapes, colors, and sizes now!


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