Palm Sunday in the land of palm trees

27 Mar

This weekend was an incredibly successful travel adventure to Florida. Perfectly timed to avoid the snowy cold climate only 440 miles north in our hometown (well, what Atlantans pretend is snow).

Friday I prepped the house for departure. This included eating leftovers, getting some cleaning done, and wondering if we would be able to fit all the baby gear we would need into the car. One task that had been hovering on my to-do list for weeks finally was accomplished. The back deck had sticks and debris all over it from the squirrels Dave said sat up in the trees laughing and throwing down the clutter. I used our trusty garage broom to help in my efforts, but it ended up leaving more bristles than ever. Even though we’re wallet conscious, I’m pretty sure that we need to spring for a new one. At this point, what is left is probably the smaller half.


The drive to Orlando was epic. With only three long stops, we made it in 8 1/2 hours. The baby was mostly happy but there were long bouts of crying, namely when a thunderstorm from Tifton to Ocala woke him up from his nap and kept his awake. Needless to say, he didn’t sleep much that day. We arrived and put him to bed immediately, beginning our weekend of delicious food with Asian chicken that Jenna and Jacob had prepared for us. We were very happy that our friends wanted to host us and a baby for the weekend. As I’ve said before, friendship dynamics certainly change after you have a baby, and it’s great when friends make the effort to keep up with you.

Pit stop on the way there.

And Walter couldn’t have acted like a better baby in reward for their bravery. We almost left him there since Orlando Walter rarely cried and always took his naps and slept well at night. I don’t know if it was the pack ‘n play or the salt water fish tank Jacob had in his office, the humidity or the heat, but I’m pretty sure we convinced them that we’re the perfect parents with the perfect baby.


It was glorious to feel the oncoming summer heat when you stepped outside even though it rained a lot on Sunday. At one point it was storming so hard you couldn’t see the tree in their front yard ten feet away, the cable went out, and our phones were alerting us to take shelter in the path of the oncoming tornado. I was ready to pull Walter up from his nap and hide in the inner bathroom, but nothing came of the storm, thank goodness.

After a night of wine and the Walking Dead board game, which Jacob won even though he was the only one of us to get eaten by zombies, we went to our yearly Spring Training game. I love spring training games. The Disney stadium is small, decorated like it’s at the beach, and close enough to make you think you’re at a little league game when really you’re watching grown men lazily play ball, warming up for the season. The weather was a breezy and sunny 73 degrees; perfection. And the best part was it was Walter’s first baseball game out of my uterus. He was of course outfitted in his Braves onesie.

Walter's first game
Mama, why am I wearing your hat?

Jenna and I have been friends since 7th grade.

At one point Dave and I are standing above the bleachers, Walter napping on Dave’s shoulder, no cloud in sight, watching America’s past-time, drinking a beer, anticipating all summer will offer, and thinking to ourselves it can’t get better than this.


We drove home that night, leaving at Walt’s bedtime, hoping that he would sleep the entire car ride, saving us from the emotional trauma of listening to our son cry all day and not be able to do anything about it. It worked and we got home in record time. Definitely a parenting travel tip to keep in our back pocket. I really appreciated Dave’s willingness to drive into the night to make this happen!


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