Our weekends are wearing Mama out — in a good way!

9 Apr

A beautiful day like today makes it easy to go for a long walk with the baby. Besides, it’s probably a good idea to build up his immune system to pollen early on if he’s going to be living in Atlanta. Today was a good start since everything outside has a bright, yellow sheen to it. He’s starting to like the stroller more, so we can get in two miles pretty easily and that’s nice for my sanity and muscles.

The pretty blooms of our magnolia tree we planted last year. It’s doing well this year so far. We thought we were going to lose it to fungus last summer, but it’s held on!

This weekend Jason spent the night Friday night. Reminds me of old-fashioned high school sleepovers grown-up style. We watched This is 40, which instead of being funny was a depressing look at what marriage and kids can do to people. I kept looking at Dave and saying, “That’s not going to happen to us, is it?” But it was nice to have some friend, wine, good food, and gossip time.

Saturday I started staining the front porch. It’s a project I have wanted to do since our home improvements last year. In retrospect, when our friend/contractor Gary offered to do the porch for $50, I should have taken it. I’ve known that since last year but really felt it this weekend when we opened up what was left of the 5 gallon tank of stain we bought a year ago and it was sludge. He had done the back porch, and when he offered I thought boy I don’t want to spend another $50 after everything we’ve spent, I can do this myself, it looks easy. Well, it isn’t hard, but it isn’t easy either.

I got a late start due to the sludge problem. David had to go pick up more stain and materials to build new posts. The end posts on our hand rails are soft with decay so it’s about time. I think it’s going to start a whole new painting project since they’ll be freshly white and the rest of the porch is dark with age. However, this is the year of the front lawn improvements, so it will only be fitting with our theme. I have a vision to makeover our bed of weeds.

Pre-stain. The pollen wasn’t too bad yet.

First coat. Looking good.

I didn’t even get the stairs started before the sun went down and we had dinner plans with my mother. To which we were an hour or two late. I was like the Energizer Bunny trying to get the first coat on, not even stopping to talk to a friendly neighbor that walked by (I did apologize). I didn’t anticipate how far apart the boards are which meant I also had to paint in between all the cracks. Turns out it’ll need a second coat too since it looks like when you color with markers and you can see where I stopped and started painting. Luckily the second coat should be much easier. And I’ll have to stain the mailbox post too. Everything needs to coordinate! It’s always how these projects go; you fix one thing and it makes all the nearby stuff look shabby.

Sunday we went with church folks to the Braves game. The Bravos are so hot this year! I love it! We sat in the outfield, which Dave and I never do, and it was fun to have a new perspective, but in the future if we’re bringing the baby we’ll need shaded seats. He was not too happy in the super afternoon sun. But we were only there for the second half of the game, so he survived. He sure is cute in his Braves outfit.

Braves vs Cubs 003
Look at those teeth!

Braves vs Cubs 005
Great seats!

Braves vs Cubs 009
Us and the snow cone guy. A classic.

After Orlando, Easter family-fun-filled weekend, and this weekend, I’m exhausted! But having fun with my husband and son is what life is for and why I get out of bed bright and chipper on a Monday morning… well, after a few snooze buttons. Oh that’s right, the baby doesn’t have a snooze button!


2 Responses to “Our weekends are wearing Mama out — in a good way!”

  1. boblarkin April 9, 2013 at 11:16 pm #

    You exude such wonderful energy. Your whole deal makes me smile Katherine. I miss spring time in Atlanta …. nothing can compare.

    • mamajohnston April 10, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

      Bob – I love how Atlanta blooms so quickly every spring… just when you can’t take another day of winter, out comes the sunshine and colors in full force! We miss your energy down here too! I hope you are very, very well! xoxo K

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