Day and night. Repeat.

3 May

Every morning as the house wakes up, I go around opening the shutters, letting in the early light. We let in the day, and at night, we close up again, cozy together against the darkness settling around us. In between we play, we clean, we talk, we leave, we return, we cook, we read… so many things fill up our days.

I have started looking forward to when we add another baby to our family. It shouldn’t happen for a couple years, if all goes as planned, which we know doesn’t always happen, but at least I don’t start hyperventilating when I think about being pregnant and giving birth a second time. We’re used to sleep again (though I wish Walt would get up a little bit later in the mornings), I’m able to leave the house in an efficient manner, and everything on the whole seems like more fun than work. I’m excited about Walt being an older brother one day.

I may open my eyes in the morning happy to be awake, or dreading the long day, but either way, I’ll soon find myself in my pajamas, reading a book, finishing a glass of wine, talking to my husband, and brushing my teeth, another night waiting for me. With another day to follow.

Thank goodness for all the new things life brings me, whether I notice them or not, even if it’s just another day. I’m lucky to have it, so I need to make sure it’s a good one. I can let it surprise me, or I can deny myself the pleasures life wants to bring me.

Like a good sale at the fabric store. Now that I’m teaching myself to sew (I learned how to thread the machine and it was all over from there), it’s like Martha Stewart meets Marge Simpson at our house. But more awesome, cause it’s me. And you know me, you lucky thing.


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