On the day Walt got good at crawling…

4 May

You know you’re having a good Saturday night when you have breakfast for dinner.

My mother gave us several bags of groceries – mostly fruits and vegetables – before she left for Miami to visit my brother and his family (my niece turned one already!). It turns out that a whole sack of Valencia oranges are really only good for juicing. I was talking about doing that all week, but when it came time to make dinner, I was upstairs looking up seam guides so Dave went ahead and juiced them for us. And made bacon, eggs, grits, and blueberry pancakes. With real maple syrup. Which of course is noticeably better tasting than the cheapo Log Cabin syrup. It’s getting harder and harder to not believe that anything real is better tasting and better for you. I also pulled out the cut up pineapple, you know, to make the meal healthy. I had never cut up a pineapple before, so I looked up how to do it, and I’m glad I did before I attempted it. Remind me, what did people do before Google?

I’m not sure it stopped raining today. And it’s not supposed to stop tomorrow either. The hostas that just popped out this week (and already doing better than they did all last year) were swimming as of this afternoon, and I’ve been afraid to check on them since. Dave planted his seedlings last week, so I’m pretty sure everything is just going to float away by the end of the weekend. So much for getting the weeding done that we had planned to do.

Walt definitely sleeps better when it’s a rainy day. We took a nice, long nap with him this morning, and it felt great, especially since we’ve forgotten how to go to bed before midnight. I think that has to do with new hobbies, Braves games, and wine. Walt has started this thing where he falls asleep in my arms but will wake up after a little bit to tell me to put him in his crib. Today was an especially precious day, since he fell asleep nursing several times and just camped out, so I got to watch him sleep, cuddling, listening to the rain fall outside before I moved him.

He’s mobile, folks. Watch out.


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