Travel Bug

22 May

In the last month four of my friends have traveled to Istanbul. My next door neighbor, my brother- and sister-in-law, college friends, and a poetry professor I met several years ago. It’s like when you hear a word for the first time and then all of a sudden in the next few days you hear it several more times. Not that I’ve never heard of Istanbul, but I don’t believe anyone I know has gone over there before. This is doing nothing for my travel bug. I’m ready to take on a big adventure. Luckily next weekend we’re headed to California, and then soon after that we’re enjoying the beach in Ponte Vedra.

But still. David has only been overseas as a child and then when he was deployed (and I wouldn’t call Iraq a vacation destination – though it certainly was an adventure). I am very excited to travel with him and possibly Walt as well. We used our honeymoon to rest and enjoy the Caribbean. We’ve traveled the country for wedding weekends. But before our next child joins us I would like to go on an adventure vacation. Somewhere very cool. I’ve traveled a lot to Europe, and I love so many places over there. I would go there again, but I’d also love to branch out. Maybe Manchu Picchu or Kuwait or Dubai.

It strikes me when I think of Atlanta as being a city people travel to for vacation. I can’t imagine they come here for a week to see the sights, but maybe they do. There is a lot here that I could take advantage of more often. I’ve made a list of neat places to go with Walt, but I have yet to cross any off my list (save for the fabric store!). I just hope he won’t get cranky while I enjoy the Civil War history at Cyclorama. Because we all know how history fascinates a 9 month old.

But if you were to travel to Atlanta, or if you live in Atlanta, don’t miss out on The Optimist for dinner. We went there last night for my mother’s birthday, and I’m pretty sure it is the best restaurant in Atlanta. Everything we ordered there was delicious. I could see why people liked the fried oysters (the sauce was delicious). The salads were fresh and the dressing yummy. Between the four of us we got pork shoulder, mahi mahi, red snapper, and redfish. And they were each cooked to perfection. I ate a bit of dessert, even though I haven’t been eating sugary foods since Lent, and I’m glad I splurged because the beignets were good. Very good.

I’m looking forward to eating at the Palm Valley Fish Camp in Ponte Vedra next month. They have the best fried fish in the world. When I think about it, I’ve been to some very good seafood restaurants. One of them was near the catacombs in Rome. Another in Miami on South Beach. Oh, if only there was an easy way to travel. And by easy I mean inexpensive. Without any pesky job in the way. But also I like to stay in nice hotels and travel first class. What’s the likelihood of winning the lotto again?

a beach3
Greece 2004 – most beautiful beaches I have ever been to

the acropolis11
Greece 2004 – View from the Acropolis

marilena and i overlooking voula
View of Voula, Greece – suburb of Athens

view from hadrian's tomb
Rome 2004 – view from Hadrian’s Tomb

the colloseum1
Rome, July 2004

My 20th birthday spent in Rome

Amsterdam 2004

the view
Germany 2003

dave eating a frigidella brotchen, and that pony!
Germany 2005 – I’m pretty sure storybook Christmas originated in Andernach

England 2008


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