Kitchen Shenanigans

24 May

It was a comedy of errors in the kitchen last night.

I was going to make our weekly salmon salad. So easy and delicious. Baked salmon, pears, mangoes, fresh spinach, and balsamic dressing. Yum.

I pull the bag of spinach out of the garage refrigerator where it’s been stored and it’s frozen. Is anything else in the fridge frozen? No. Does spinach fair well once it is frozen? Apparently not. As it unfreezes the leaves look, well, interesting.

OK, Dave and I are grownups. We can eat weird looking spinach.

The pears aren’t ripe yet despite sitting for 5 days on the counter. That’s fine. I can eat crunchy pear slices.

Cut open the mangoes. Very yucky looking inside. The seed is everywhere and the rest is streaked with black stuff.

I decide the salad portion of this meal is not happening. The salmon has finished cooking several minutes ago at this point. Usually we do a nice wasabi marinade but I decided to go easy tonight and just do lemon and butter. It looks good. I sadly set it aside while I start some rice, knowing that won’t be done for 25 minutes.

I am very hungry at this point. I’m a breastfeeding mom; I’m always hungry. I decide to order a pizza from Papa John’s because the Braves scored more than six runs the day before and that means 50% off your order. And their buffalo chicken pizza is delicious. I love the leftovers.

I hurriedly go to pick up the pizza. When I come back the rice still has five minutes left. That means we can eat a slice before our “real” meal.

The pizza doesn’t have the buffalo sauce on it.

Of course not! Why would it?

The rice gets done. Yay! I love spicy yellow saffron rice! However, it is burnt. How is it burnt? I never burn rice! Usually it is too soggy, if anything is wrong with it! It takes me an hour before I realize I cooked the rice on high heat the whole time.

And all this after the baby had a fever all day.

I’m going to bed.


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