99 Bags of Mulch in the Yard

12 Jun

A catchy song and literally true! I was naive and thought about 35 bags of mulch would cover three garden areas. That turned out to be incorrect.

Things are a’changin’ around here, and I like it. My mother generously has devoted a lot of her time to help my project, and my husband, yet again, graciously put out a lot of hard work for another one of my ideas. Luckily it’s a home improvement, so it’s easier for him to say yes when it involves him spending time at Lowe’s.

I have always hated the AT&T box in our front yard. The feelings have only been growing over the last few years, especially when we found out there was nothing to be done about it. So we decided to put a lot of effort (and some money) into fixing up the yard so the box wouldn’t be so prominent.


On the right side of this beautiful picture taken two years ago during Atlanta’s big snow storm, you can see the box. There is also a large AT&T cylinder. There used to be Egyptian reeds blocking the box from view, but AT&T tore those up. Eventually we got them to plant new ones, but they never grew and only made it look more hideous and messy. In the picture you can also see the ivy that surrounds a very large, very pretty oak tree. However, this old gem makes the grass surrounding it never grow. So. Our solution:

Step One & Two: Build retainer wall and till new garden area.DSC_0242 DSC_0243 DSC_0246

Step Three: Buy lots of dirt and mulch. Distribute.
IMAG1054 DSC_0388 DSC_0386

Step Four and More: Till topsoil into Georgia clay. Plant new plants. Lay down landscape tarp. Cover with mulch. Enjoy!

IMAG1068 IMAG1070 IMAG1071 IMAG1069 IMAG1072 IMAG1073

We also covered the previously existing garden with black mulch and added a couple more plants for extra color. The hostas have been entirely unhappy the last three years in their current spot, so they transferred to under the dogwood and replaced with beautiful hydrangeas. Azaleas (pink and white and purple) will eventually grow big enough to block the box. The whole yard is cleaned up and beautiful. Very exciting!

But of course, we’re not quite finished. We still have to put borders around the new garden and finish up a few other things. The plants around the mailbox look very unhappy and thus ugly. But I think that’s the way it is when you own a house; an ever-evolving project.


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