At the beach.

19 Jun

I love the beach. There is nothing like a beach vacation. Traveling the world is an amazing thing, but there is something special about staring at the ocean, relaxing, and grabbing a glass of wine while you do so. The ocean is a mystery to me. So vast, so full of life, directed by the moon… Just looking at it makes me feel small, yet also meaningful. The tiniest plankton play a big part in a giant whale’s life.

The view from our back porch. I love the Atlantic!

My dad rented a beautiful condo on the beach for an entire week for us. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed so close to the beach. I was able to take Walt out for a walk before breakfast, before anyone else got up this morning. It’s a very large and wonderful condo. We’ve spent most of our meals cooking them together as a family, which has been fun; even the cleanup isn’t so bad. The only thing that could make this whole week better was if I had remembered to bring my own pillow from home. The car was so full I’m surprised I hadn’t packed our entire bed!

At a rest stop on the way down. Apparently plane rides are more fun for Walt than long car rides. Which means I don’t like long car rides anymore either.

My brother and his wife and baby girl were able to join us for a few nights as well. They come from Miami, so Ponte Vedra Beach is midway between all of us. Perfect! We don’t get to see them very often, and usually when they come to Atlanta they stay with our mother, so it was great to stay in the same condo with them. The house was very full with babies and laughter and beach balls! Maia is only 4 months older than Walt, so I love getting them together.

Sweet cousins. So big already!

We of course went as soon as we could to the Palm Valley Fish Camp for dinner. That place is a delicious, unique seafood restaurant with the best desserts ever. Always recommended for any occasion.

Trying his first fried fish.

Family fun.

Loving his Uncle Brad

My sweet, sweet family. How I love them! This was a happy 1st Father’s Day for David, the best father I could ask for my little boy ever.


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