How to get your eyebrows waxed postpartum

26 Jun

It had been months since my last eyebrow waxing. Maybe since my cousin’s wedding, which was 8 months ago. There is only so much plucking I can do before I give up. So when Jason and I decided to have lunch together today up in Chamblee, I knew it would be a good opportunity to stop by my favorite and only trusted nail salon in the city, A Nail Fame.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with Walter. A couple weeks ago I got a bang trim by my fabulous friend and stylist Laura at Mint Salon, and I was able to hold Walter in my lap with the cape draped over his head while he played with the silver clips in her apron. That worked. I figured it would be a similar situation today, only with my eyes closed and the baby dangerously close to smearing hot wax all over my face.

They led me into the back room and I mentioned I had never brought the baby in before and I would probably just hold him. The entire staff are very friendly Asian ladies – and one male – and the lady who would be working on me walked out the door to talk to her friend. I thought I heard something along the lines of “holding the baby.” I knew this spelled trouble because Walter has an aversion to being held by anyone but me and Dave. He still cries when his grandparents take him from our arms. But rarely he can be intrigued by strangers or deal with it, so I told them he’d probably cry and handed the baby to the lady holding out her arms.

He held his breath for so long between cries I thought he was going to pass out. It was the quickest eyebrow waxing I’ve ever had to endure (yet still good work) and the whole time he was screaming while the lady bounced him up and down in the room with us and I swear both of them were looking at me like “when will this horrifying time be over?” Though she did refuse my repeated idea that she could hand the baby back to me.

When I came out of the room holding Walt again, every pair of eyes in the salon stared at us as we walked up to the cash register. I don’t think it was only that we had disturbed their relaxing pedicures but that maybe I had had some cosmetic waxing done on my little boy. I was tempted to say something along the lines of “Belated circumcision! I’m surprised he didn’t cry more!”

I gave them a big tip.

Lots of people like to try to hold Walt, including this sweet fellow churchgoer. As the assistant pastor said when he saw this picture: “It looks like they have the same expression on their faces!”


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