A Winning Weekend

1 Jul

Tonight I tried to make my husband meatloaf, but it ended up being a giant, juicy burger. Which isn’t really that much of a problem except when you are expecting meatloaf to come out of the oven.

This weekend we were social butterflies. It was beautiful to see so many friends and be out and about all day (and night). After spending many weeks upset with my lack of social life, this weekend definitely lifted my spirits.

Thursday night one of Dave’s high school friends, the one we met up with in Los Angeles, had a flight delayed in Atlanta for a day so he unexpectedly stayed with us. I convinced Dave to go out with him and some other high school friends at midnight (unheard of!) but since it was Dave’s last day at work on Friday, he went out to see friends he hadn’t seen in months.

Friday was my good friend’s 30th birthday, so I went out to join her, her husband, and their friends to celebrate. I didn’t know most of the people there and actually had to use my social skills again. It was a little bit of a relief to be without the baby and engaging with adults.

It prompted me on Saturday to join a neighborhood play group so I could use said skills again.

We spent Saturday at my in-laws’ pool continuing the birthday celebration, and much to our surprise Dave’s sister and brother-in-law were there too, so we hung out with them as well. The cloudy skies opened up to a beautiful day, and Walter enjoyed his first slice of watermelon. Saturday night my cousin and her husband came over for dinner. They just moved here from New York City, ready to live the young Southern life after years up North.

Sunday I was Deacon On Call for my church. That means I help out opening up the church and with any members/visitors that need assistance during the service. Driving over there, windows open, music playing, Dave and baby at home relaxing and napping, thinking back on my weekend of fun was just plain joyful.

The past few weeks of travel and community have been great reminders that slumps and ruts don’t always last forever if I have hope for the future.

One of my summer favorites.


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