Who is in the kitchen.

7 Jul

Making breakfast.

“David, when is the French toast supposed to be turned over?”

“When you know in your heart that they’re ready.”


Walt has discovered playing in the kitchen cabinets.

David:  “Don’t play with any of the sharp stuff in there, Walt.”

Me:  “There’s nothing sharp in there. What’s sharp in there?”

David:  “The cheese grater.”

Me:  “Oh.”

David:  “You know, the baby finger tip remover.”


At dinner.

Walt is pretty good at trying new foods. So tonight I put two little pieces of salmon on his plate. He picked one up immediately and put it in his mouth. He then went straight for the second one, and Dave and I thought it was a success. He picked it up, threw it on the floor, and shook his head at us.


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