Biggest Little Braves Fan

11 Jul

The Braves are very important to David. Maybe more than being a Marine. I’m not sure; I’ve never asked him. I’m pretty sure Walt and I rank above the Braves, but that might change if we were to ever like another team better. Which we wouldn’t.

David grew up in Atlanta. His whole family originated in the South. He played baseball as a kid; coached it when he was a camp counselor. He chose a house a few miles from the stadium. We watch Ken Burns’ Baseball during the off season. When we started dating, he took me to many, many games, and I grew to love the team and know the players also. And now that Walt is here (our future MLB All Star pitcher), we’re teaching him about baseball too. He’s been to a spring training game. He’s been to Turner Field. Not as many times as we’d like, but he is still fairly young.

To us, baseball is the essence of a Southern summer. Give us sweet tea, fried chicken, and creamed corn. We love it. But there’s nothing quite like going to a game with 40,000 other fans or making dinner listening to the game on the radio or relaxing in front of the game on TV with the cicadas making music outside.

We bought tickets today at the box office and introduced Walt to some important people.

Ty Cobb
DSCN8333(wait a second, are they wearing the same facial expression?)

Hank Aaron

Warren Spahn

Go Bravos!


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