Good Changes!

16 Jul

It’s safe to say now that Dave has started his new job, that he has a new job! He took off two weeks in between jobs, and it was glorious. It reminded me of all the free time we had when we were in college together. Except we still had to adhere to the schedule of our baby.

Because I was Deacon on call two weekends in a row, we weren’t able to travel anywhere. But the beach or anyplace in the Southeast probably would have been a bust anyway because of all the incessant rain. So of course none of the yard work we intended to do got done. Instead we relaxed, took naps when the baby did, and ate. A lot. I think we might have gotten some chores done in between all the napping and eating. The second week we were a lot more social and went out with friends, went to a Braves game, and visited Dave’s sister and brother-in-law in Chattanooga. We hadn’t seen their new house yet, and it was adorable. I also took some fabulous maternity photos of them and really enjoyed it. I’d love to be able get more into photography. With our new camera – and Photoshop – it is a real possibility.

Both of us are very thrilled about Dave’s new job. It is in Midtown and already much more interesting than his previous company. The workload won’t be nearly as stressful and unmanageable (his previous company always promised to hire more people but never did, even when many of his coworkers quit) and the new people are already looking to Dave to have more responsibility than he did before. All in all it’s a great move, and I’m really happy for him. For us! I look forward to the pretty days when Walt and I can meet Dave at Piedmont Park for a picnic lunch.

We’ve had an incredible couple of months. First Memorial Day weekend, a long weekend in California, then a whole week at the beach and another two weeks off… I figured I would be down in the dumps to go back to “normal,” but it hasn’t been too depressing so far. Soon enough Dave will have some time off again and we can go back to Dua, our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. We used to go there three times a week when we attended Georgia State, and we took full advantage of our free time over the past couple weeks to go there repeatedly. Usually we get it to-go because it’s easier to eat spicy soup at home with a baby that might be napping or playing or eating purees, but last week we took Walt there for the first time (he can now fit into restaurant high chairs thank goodness) and he enjoyed some rice and the inside of an egg roll as well as his normal favorites. We love this place so much (and the owners!) that we thought about having our rehearsal dinner there.

DSCN8341Bun bo hue might be my favorite food ever. Dave and I used to play the “what if” game with bun bo hue, like: “If you also had other food, would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with an endless supply of bun bo hue or books?” Bun bo hue usually won.



2 Responses to “Good Changes!”

  1. Pop July 16, 2013 at 12:33 pm #

    There is no reason Walter could not have used chopsticks. He should not be held back, especially since he has an Asian aunt.

    • mamajohnston July 16, 2013 at 12:43 pm #

      Dave did feed him with chopsticks when we went to the sushi restaurant!

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