Evidence of a problem

19 Jul

I’d like to submit evidence of my son’s Destructor OCD. I have already stated elsewhere that this new disease in the upcoming DSM-VI has the following symptoms: When you see something neat and tidy, you must wreak havoc and move on. Continue until room — or house — is in shambles.

DSC_0564The pantry. And he’s only getting started.

Destructor OCD
The nursery. Clearly his work is done here so he’s moved on to perform similar duties on blankets and toys.

At the dinner table.

This problem knows no bounds and comes in all forms. It is especially dangerous around stacks of nicely folded laundry. However, yesterday Walt pulled out a basket of his toys, pulled all the toys out, threw them around, then put the basket back in its place on the shelf. So there is hope.

He has also recently decided to tuck food away for later instead of throwing it on the floor when he’s done with his meal. This is much appreciated on Mama’s behalf.

hiding his food


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