Another successful tubing adventure

21 Jul

Yesterday marked the 9th year that I have gone tubing down the Cartecay River in Ellijay, Georgia for my birthday. There are many things I love about Atlanta, but one of my favorite things is how close we are to everything. City life, diversity, minutes from rural country and mountains, hours from the beach, and an airport that will take you anywhere else you could possibly want to go. There is a bountiful mix of beauty and life within our fingertips, if we choose to embrace it!

The year I turned 21 my good friend Ben, who grew up in North Georgia doing all the outdoorsy stuff, asked me if I wanted to go tubing Monday. I said, yes, actually it’s my birthday, and I’d love to!

I jumped off a cliff into the river this year. It was awesome. Also, I look too skinny.

I convinced some friends to come with me. I ended up drinking too much Jager + river water. I’ve never had Jager again (or river water).

tubing 2007!
I love how in the background you can see the grass filling in more and more and the trees getting thicker.


Dave experiences the river for the first time.

best of both pictures
As you can see, the picture has become part of the tradition as well!

better group shot year 7
The same friends love experiencing the river with me every year!

this one
7 1/2 months pregnant with Walt. It was a more difficult journey than usual, especially with the water so low.

Birthday tubing 2013
It’s been 9 years, but do I look any older?? This might have been the best river trip yet. The water was so high from all the rain that it only took us 2 hours (including stops) to finish, but the rapids were fantastic and we didn’t become intimately acquainted with quite so many rocks. Also, we bought our own tubes this year that were large, comfortable, had cup holders, mesh bottoms, ropes, and didn’t get hot in the sun. And when we got back, I overheard the lady saying it was the only Saturday in months that didn’t have a single drop of rain! Walt was at home playing with his Nana all day. I kept thinking about how much I was looking forward to when he gets older and is able to enjoy this with us.

Perfection. It is my favorite day of the year, spent on this beautiful river, enjoying life, friends, and looking forward to another fantastic year!


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