The Cartecay

22 Jul

I don’t know why people go tubing down the Chattahoochee when then can enjoy this beauty. The Chattahoochee is dirty, cold, and way too large. Over the years, my experience on the Cartecay has varied. Sometimes there’s a rope swing to play on, other times it’s gone. The people who join me change year to year. The ownership of our drop in spot switches every few years. Sometimes we ride back to our car in a bus or the back of a truck. The river can be busy or empty. The rapids look very different depending on the water, but I always spot the same houses, the same bends in the river. There’s an old car buried on the bank shortly after you start your journey. But whatever I see or hear, I always feel reconnected to myself, the sun, the water, and the trees when I spend the day on the river. Here are some of my favorite photos from over the years:





river 9 - Copy

river 2

river 20


river 23



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