My twenties are almost over

26 Jul

Yesterday I turned 29. That sounds much older than 28. I guess I should get used to that feeling.

I had a pretty good day.

Despite the fact that my phone was apparently jealous so many people (5) wanted to talk to me so it wouldn’t connect to the network, let any calls through, or let me text people back.

My car, in retaliation of my love and effort, refused to get in “ready” mode so it could pass emissions. Though now the emissions guy and I are best friends since I’ve been there three days in a row. We’re going to eat King of Pops to celebrate… eventually.

Walt and I met David for lunch and the lady behind the counter told us she was going to charge us $5 for the baby since he wasn’t ordering any food.

My computer was so slow it took me an hour to change the time on my son’s birthday invitation. And then Photoshop wouldn’t let me save it in anything but .psd so I could email it to Jason for printing.

Because of unholy Atlanta traffic my husband didn’t make it to the house on time to pick us up for dinner, even though he works about 5 miles away. And then on the way to Sapori di Napoli — best pizza place in the city — it was a shorter version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles starring me as the driver.

But once we got there, and I sat down with my family, got a yummy glass of wine and an even yummier slice of pizza in my hand, it was awesome.

DSCN83681This was after Walter met and then overlooked his first girlfriend. She was cute.

When you’re bored with dinner it’s time to dance on the table top, of course.

Me & Walt with my two lovely parents who brought me into this world.

My great family.



2 Responses to “My twenties are almost over”

  1. nevercontrary July 27, 2013 at 4:51 pm #

    Happy Birthday!

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