The Year of Walter

19 Aug

I cannot believe I have a one year old son. I imagine that my perception of years will pass by even faster watching this boy of mine grow up. I can’t believe how he’s changed already. A year ago Dave and I were still at North Fulton staring in awe at our new little one.

Look at how tiny!!!

I was in labor that day for about 8 hours. Dave had worked in the yard all day and was exhausted when I told him that I thought I was going into labor. He showered up (much hotter last year than this year!) and ate a little dinner while my contractions became longer, stronger, and closer together. We tried watching a little TV. I thought taking a bath would relax me but it only made my labor speed up! North Fulton is far away, so we called our doula (who was running a half marathon that night! Everyone started out exhausted!) and told her to meet us there. It wasn’t very long after I got there that I got in the shower, enjoyed labor in there for an hour, then began pushing. 15 minutes later Walter came out into the world! When I told Walt that story this morning he seemed very fascinated. I know I always love hearing my birth story.

Month 1
Month 1 – No smiles or anything yet, just a cuddle bug!

Month 2
Month 2 – This is when he really started looking like himself

Month 3
Month 3 – Marine onesie outfit from Daddy

Month 4
Month 4

Month 5
Month 5

Month 6
Month 6 – Couldn’t even sit up fully by himself yet!

Month 7
Month 7 – Getting all those teeth!

Month 8
Month 8 – About to start crawling!

Month 9
Month 9

Month 10
Month 10 – At the beach!

Month 11
Month 11 – Standing, cruising, and about to start walking!

Month 12! What a big boy!!!

It is amazing how in one year you can go from a baby who can’t hold his head up to a walking, babbling, silly little boy who is sweet as pie. I can’t wait for every exciting year to follow! Every time I look at Walter I feel so blessed. Well, sometimes I feel a little exhausted if he’s throwing food or books on the floor, but most of the time, blessed.


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