Birthdays Galore

4 Sep

Today is my sweet husband’s birthday. I won’t tell y’all how old he is, cause even though he’s 32 years young, he thinks he’s getting old already. We’ve been celebrating some good birthdays lately. Walter turned one (it’s still fun saying that I have a ONE year old), and then a week later his great-grandma turned 90. We ended up celebrating both the same weekend. The weekend broke out of the stormy Atlanta clouds to shine sun and perfect temperatures on us while we partied our cares away.

2One of the great things about being born in the summer is having a pool party to celebrate your birth. Here we are singing Happy Birthday to the little man. I refused to serve him cake or cupcakes, because although I know he would have enjoyed it, I want to delay the onslaught of sugar, sugar, sugar we think acceptable in which to drown our children.  So he had organic whipped cream with some berries on top. But he preferred his pizza and watermelon!

Walt definitely exercised his right to cry at his party if he wanted to. All the other children enjoyed the day in the sun but our little birthday boy woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Even though his awesome Pop built a swing just for him! Walt did manage to have some fun in between the whining.

Grandma’s birthday party the next day was our Summer Thanksgiving. My aunt — and mother — prepared delicious barbeque chicken, black eyed peas, pole beans, squash casserole, broccoli casserole, and biscuits (I think there was more but my mouth is watering too much to remember). A great Southern meal. We played corn hole, bingo, and scratch cards and talked with our feet in the pool.

I look like such a mama in this picture. Walt’s growing up and so am I!

Talk about 90 years young! Grandma says the time has just flown by.

4 Generations
Four generations.


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