Walt’s first picnic

5 Sep

Being a first-time parent as well as a scrapbooker I love keeping track of all of Walt’s “firsts.” I am running out of room in his baby book to list all these fun and amazing things he’s doing! The first time he turned over, the first time he said “mama,” his first time on an airplane, the first time he ate pizza… so many indications of him growing into this active little boy with a mind of his own. I am still amazed that I get to experience this with two of the most amazing people I know on this planet.

Yesterday was a great day of firsts. I hurried around all morning getting Walt breakfast (man is he a slow eater!) and prepping a picnic lunch for David’s birthday. A good friend of mine met us at Piedmont Park for some exercise and chatting. It was wonderful since I hadn’t seen her in almost a year. I am always wanting to hang out with more friends yet somehow I am so busy all the time I don’t see people for a year. The fact that we live 30 minutes apart shouldn’t be such a barrier to play dates. I like getting together with this particular friend because she is a stay at home mom like myself, involved in her church, and fun to talk to. It’s hard when you are either the first of your friends to have kids or most of the other young moms you know work all week to really connect with others.

Walt had never been to Piedmont Park and we enjoyed walking around. The two months of rain have really made me appreciate sunny summer days. After our walk Dave met us for a quick picnic. Chicken salad sandwiches, homegrown watermelon, and a happy little boy made it a great first picnic for all of us. I usually don’t like eating outside, but we sat in the shade and they must spray for bugs at the Park, so it was really pleasant. Walt enjoyed putting the lid back on the watermelon container, taking it off, eating one piece, then starting the whole process again. It’s funny how watching something so simple can bring such joy to me and Dave.  All too soon Dave had to go back to work — when are they going to make a law that no one should have to work on their birthday? — and W. and I headed home for the land of nap time and mommy-can-now-get-stuff-done time.




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