Walt meets his newest cousin

12 Sep

The night after my sister-in-law’s baby shower, she went into labor… not a day too soon and now we have another teeny tiny cute little cuddle bug in our family!

DSC_0722ALaura, Edward (1 day old), Walter (1 year old), and David.
They’re already best friends.

Dave, Walt, and I drove up the day after Ward was born just to get in a quick hello with the new parents and their newborn. Dave left work a little early, and we got there before the baby was even 24 hours old. It’s always neat to visit Chattanooga as Dave went to high school there. After our visit we ate dinner at Lupi’s, a very delicious pizza place, where he used to go to all the time. The people there were very nice, bringing us pineapple for Walter and coming up to the table to talk about having children. One of the employees thought Walt was a girl; I blame his stunningly long eyelashes.

Dave said he had forgotten that people were so friendly like that in Chattanooga. You get so used to the hostility and fear of all the strangers in Atlanta (especially on the road and also downtown) that it was fun to meet new people that turn into instant friends. That’s one reason I’d love to move to a small town someday. Maybe the suburbs of Atlanta will be more like that. That’s one reason I like my church. So many friends available if you want them; a nestled community amid the hubbub of a busy city. Just like family: people to grow up with no matter how far or wide you may go.


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