How to make crib rail covers

18 Sep

Since I don’t really have a desire to make and sell many of these (except for friends if they want them), here’s how I did it, for all you crafty mamas out there.

I used two yards each of cotton duck and cotton muslin fabric. I wanted something durable but also lightweight for easy washing. Always pre-wash your fabric before sewing.

I measured how wide and long I needed each of these covers. Since I don’t have seamstress tape, I used scrap fabric, marked how long I needed it, and held it against my straight ruler. I only wanted it an inch or so past the railing so it wouldn’t cover up much of the open space of the crib. For the front I needed it to be 50″ x 18″ finished. Because the front piece was larger than my cut of fabric, I put a seam down the middle and needed two pieces of 26″ to sew together. For the two sides I needed 27″ x 10″ finished.

I put the muslin on top of the duck fabric, used a disappearing marker to measure my pieces, then cut them out together. Because of the seam allowance, I added an extra inch to each side (so I cut out 4 cuts of 26″ x 19″ for the front piece and 4 cuts of 28″ x 11″ for the side pieces). I pinned the right sides of the fabric together (first sewing together the fabric for the longer front piece) and sewed them together using a 1/2″ seam allowance. On the shorter ends of each rectangle I left a 3 inch hole so I could flip them inside out so the right sides faced outward once sewn together. I also cut the corners off (make sure not to cut the thread) before I turned them inside out so the corners will lay more flat. I then ironed them (how you iron them will be how they look when they’re top sewn). Top sew them as close to the edge as you want (I am usually a couple millimeters from the edge) with reinforcement stitches at the beginning and end. Cut off all your thread ends.

Then I took them to the crib and figured out where I wanted the snap pieces to go. I used the fabric marker to mark one side of the fabric – 4 each for the shorter pieces and 6 for the long piece. I used no-sew snaps, size 15, and put all the front ones on, making sure they faced the correct way (inside). One by one I did the matching back snaps, leaving them snapped as I finished them so the fabric would be flush when all snapped together.

Voila! Awesome handmade product! Feel free to ask any questions if something is not clear!


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