It’s so easy to worry about every little thing

21 Sep

I was reading other mommy blogs yesterday about developmental milestones and autism spectrum disorders and of course immediately noted all the symptoms Walt was displaying — good thing I will never be a medical student cause I’d just turn into a hypochondriac.

The biggest thing I realized Walt wasn’t doing yet is pointing at things. He reaches for the stuff he wants and goes to get things himself, but he won’t point out mommy, etc. when you ask him to. When I talked to Dave about this, we realized we just aren’t the pointing kind of people. So we decided to make it our job to point out everything we can to Walter.

David, at lunch, pointing: “Are those your peas? Are those your fish sticks? Is that your water? Do you want your water? Point to your water if you want it, or you’ll never get water again.”

On the other hand, Walt knows exactly how we feel about the cat because earlier this morning I distinctly heard him say “bad kitty!” but gave her a few good pats on the back anyway.


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