Yes, even laundry can be fun

1 Oct

Over the past few weeks I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed, as if I will never catch up on everything I have to do, even when I work as much as I can around Walt’s schedule. Maybe it is because every day he is more mobile and moves like a whirlwind around the house, exhausting me with his energy and my need to clean up after every mess he makes. And he knows because he is completely adorable I will do anything he wants.

Saturday morning, before another busy day got started, the baby woke up and I took him back to our bed to nurse, like I do every morning. It’s a good way to wake up. Then before breakfast, we all went outside to hang laundry on our new clothesline. I asked Dave to install one for me specifically so we could sun dry Walt’s cloth diapers to bleach out the stains. But I like the idea of using natural energy to dry more things. Hopefully our neighbors won’t mind, since it has to be in our side yard to get the most sun.

I don’t usually like waking up with the sun, but since it’s not so early this late in the year and ever so beautiful peeking over our neighbor’s house, I didn’t mind at all, especially with the crisp fall air joining us too.


And then because hanging laundry outside seemed to slow things down, reconnecting me to a time when it was acceptable to wait for something to get accomplished, it wasn’t so much a chore anymore. I wasn’t plugging into the machine, hurrying on to the next task.



I’ll take life’s little pleasures where I can. It’s so easy to get sucked into my to-do lists, to believe that smaller and faster technology really is the best answer. I know it’s just laundry, but hey, it can be pretty too.



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