Choptober is here

6 Oct


I can’t believe it is already October. I’ve barely had time to think about what we’re going to do to the house for Halloween! But one of the best parts of the month this year is that the Braves made it into the post season. And by a wide margin, despite my dad’s eternal pessimistic views of how good the Braves will do. Dave bought tickets several weeks ago just in case, which he does every time there’s a chance of an October game. There is just something special about attending a post season game, where every pitch and every out is so much more vital. You don’t have much time to win. You won’t lose for very long before you’re out for good. And there is a chill in the air that isn’t there during regular season. I got a little too excited and brought a scarf to the first game that was completely unnecessary.

The first game was a downer. The Dodgers took control early on and dominated us the whole game. They scored almost every inning and we could barely get on base. No one likes watching a game like that! And we sat next to Dodgers’ fans, which made it even worse. At least they weren’t drunk and annoying. The stadium’s credit card machines went down for most of the game, causing extremely long ATM lines, disgruntled fans, and I’m sure a disappointed stadium accountant.

Last night was so much better. The Braves led most of the game, and it was exciting the whole time. So exciting at times that I had to sit down and read the brochure while every other fan was on their feet in anticipation of the next strike! The foam tomahawks they pass out also turn into great stress balls when not chopping the opposing team. We only won by one, but the 2013 Braves definitely came out to play, thank goodness. We were surrounded by lots of Braves fans, which made it really fun, and there is nothing like a 50,000 crowd of happy, nervous, cheering fans. Atlanta was on their toes in support of their team. And the Dodgers knew it that night!

I hope that flag is red by the end of the World Series!


2 Responses to “Choptober is here”

  1. Sean Breslin October 6, 2013 at 4:43 pm #

    I was also at Game 1…what a crappy night after Medlen struck out the side in the first inning! Game 2 was amazing, and hopefully, it gave the Braves a lot of good momentum!


    • mamajohnston October 6, 2013 at 4:49 pm #

      That’s right! We were there early, which we never are, and got to see him strike out the side! I was so excited until I realized he wasn’t going to pull it back together. Looking forward to tonight’s game and seeing what they do with it!

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