Too much hospital lately

7 Oct

In the past month Walt and I have been to the hospital three times. Three! For all different reasons!

The first time was to visit his new cousin. If you have to go to a hospital, that’s not a bad reason for it. Fun, even, especially when everybody is healthy and happy. And the new parents still remember what sleep is!


Two weeks ago we had to get to Scottish Rite before dawn for a little operation for Walt. Nothing major at all, he is perfectly healthy — thanks to the surgery, — and after a couple hours he acted like everything was exactly the way it always was. That made it very easy on us, but I didn’t like watching the nurses take him through the operating doors sobbing and there was nothing I could do about it. I didn’t leave the doorway until I heard him stop screaming. It was over so quickly that the only drawback was that the fire alarm went off for a good 5-10 minutes and I thought the flashing light was going to give me a seizure/make me throw up. The nurses and staff there were fantastic though. When we got home we ate a little lunch and everyone took a good nap. I was glad Walt was ready to go back down again cause I had been falling asleep on his floor while he played. Does anything phase these little kids? Made of energy!

What a trooper this kid is! He looks pretty cute in his gown too!

But I guess you can’t go too many times before your luck runs out, at least in terms of the ease/joy you feel when entering/exiting those hospital doors. One of my very best friends came down with Guillain-Barre syndrome almost a month ago. He is on the mend, thank God, and improving all the time. Almost everyone recovers from this disease, but it is a difficult process. It is a scary disease, as it leaves you temporarily paralyzed and you have to relearn everything while rebuilding your muscles. Many people have to be put on ventilators and other such things as the paralysis affects their organs. Luckily Jason has a “mild” case and was only in the ICU for a week and a half! I was really happy to see him this week (he has already been moved to the Shepherd Center for rehab — where a former, very sweet employer of mine is his case manager! Small world!), and I am determined to bring him lots of goodies to help his weight return to normal. I’m just so happy that he is going to be OK. Walter definitely treated Jason like normal as he flung smoothie and puff crumbs all over his bed when we visited. Sorry, Uncle J!

Playin’ with Uncle Jason

It’s pretty easy to say: “Too much hospital! Time to stay away!” Well, once Jason is out, at least. I hope there aren’t more reasons to go back any time soon!


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