11 Oct

We visited baby Edward in Chattanooga again a couple weekends ago. David was talking to Jeremy and asked him if he wanted to know the worst thing about being a parent. “It isn’t the sleepless nights, crying, or the insane worry over everything. It’s having butt cream permanently stuck under your finger nails.”


I am never comfortable cooking pork. For whatever reason, it never seems quite cooked, even when it’s been in the oven for hours. Other people don’t seem to have this problem. But luckily I’m married to a man whose solution when I ask him if he thinks the meat is OK is “how sick could we really get?”


Bought some all-natural fish sticks for lunch food for Walt. He likes them, which is good, cause it’s always nice to have food a toddler will eat. The instructions of course include cooking time but also “or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.” Why does this company think I am going to stick a meat thermometer into a fish stick?


We spent a yummy evening eating dinner at Jalisco’s, our favorite Mexican restaurant in Atlanta. Dave decides to break off little pieces of chips for Walt so he can better eat the guacamole. Not long after Walt chokes on a piece, a different waiter than the one serving us comes up to our table with some oyster crackers, telling us how they have them for the little ones since they tend to choke on chips.


Me, “Walt must love to chew on shoes because they’re extra germy.”
Dave, “Yeah, they have lots of flavor.”


Here’s how I see the status of our kitchen floor degrading over the next few years: some parts weakened and mushy from the near constant mopping (there’s a certain throw radius around Walter’s chair) and the other bits scarred from pot and pan throwing (loud noises are fun).


I walk around my house sighing at the forgotten mess/destruction in each room and clean it up yet again. Then I remember I’m still in my pajamas at 3pm. I think I should put “shower” on my to-do lists.

IMG_20131011_171323What you can’t see is the overturned kitty water bowl, soaking most of the bottom layer of tissues. The rest I had to refold by hand.

The more cabinets I open, the more fun I can have.


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