Halloween in East Atlanta

29 Oct

One of the many things I love about Dave’s new job is the family-friendly atmosphere. Friday afternoon they designated the last hour and a half to the employees’ kids trick-or-treating around the office. Since Dave told me about this Thursday, I had no idea what I was going to dress Walter as. I figured since he wasn’t going to get any candy anyway (cause otherwise mama would just eat it all), I would bring him by just to say hi. Babies can get away with a lot that older kids can’t. But of course Thursday night after he went to bed, I searched the internet for easy costume ideas and of course found one: office worker. Given the clothes we already had for him, it required me making a tie out of scrap fabric. And what do I have lots of lying around? Scrap fabric and my sewing machine!

And then inspiration really hit Friday before we ventured over. Walt could be a claims adjuster like his daddy! And all it involved was pulling out a blank file folder and writing “Claims” on it. Walt wasn’t too interested in holding the folder, but everyone at the office got a kick out of his costume anyway.

DSCN8603Big man in the office.


And then of course we terrorized the office with exploration and puff crumbs.



IMAG1300Their office has a really great view of downtown Atlanta.


DSCN8612Saturday night we went over to a friend’s house in the neighborhood before the Grant Park Lantern Parade. Walt is getting more and more social with other people and other kids, and he was playing by himself with a bunch of 2 1/2 year old girls at this Halloween party. At one point he got a little upset at something, and two of the girls came over to give him hugs and pet his face and head until he stopped crying. I wish I had gotten a picture of the first time he got some sweet girls to take care of him!

The Lantern Parade was incredibly fun. Hundreds of people gathered with many different types of lanterns, and when it got dark we followed this jazz band around the park. It felt like some New Orleans parade. Walt was a bit tired and wanted to walk by himself, but he wasn’t fast enough to keep up, so we had to hold him. It made it a little trying, but he really enjoyed sitting on his dad’s shoulders and staring at all the lights. This is definitely a tradition I would like to keep going!


Now I’m looking forward to actual Halloween when we get to dress up the house and scare kids until they cry.


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