Ender’s Game

8 Nov


One of the first things Dave and I bonded over when we met was our mutual love of the book Ender’s Game and the rest of the series. So it was only natural that we wanted to go see the movie when it came out. Last night presented us with the opportunity.

I’ve only seen two movies in the theaters since Walt was born, Anna Karenina and Before Midnight, both with Jason at Tara. David has gone to see two of his movies on his own as well. Needless to say, we don’t get to the theater much, not with Netflix and the soaring prices of a ticket. However, Phipps Plaza, the king of all Atlanta malls, makes it incredibly worth it.

I went up to get our tickets and the guy asked me to pick our seats. I said, “What?” and he patiently, as if to a stupid child, asked me to pick where we would like to sit. I, of course, was unable to do so without David’s help, because I was too confused that this theater only had six rows and I had to sit in an assigned seat like on an airplane. Well, it turned out it’s first class.

The seats recline almost 180 degrees and they’re large and comfy with cup holders and you can pull the armrest out of your way so you can snuggle with your partner (if you want) and it was almost weird being out in public acting like you’re on the couch at home but David said, “they have to think of some way to get you to go out.” And with the bar at the entrance this might be my new favorite activity.

The movie was good for a book adaptation, and my biggest complaints were the age of the kids (they’re 6 in the book and 12 in the movie) and the hurried and oversimplified nature of the plot. But that’s why books will almost always win out over their movie counterparts, in my opinion. It was hard to care though when the screen and the seats were that big.

Who wants to go to a movie? Or help me pick out a new couch for our living room?


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