An hors d’oeuvres Christmas

28 Dec

This Christmas season was a whirlwind. Due to my entire family being in town (which doesn’t happen very often at all), we had several plans every day, and while it was wonderful, it was also exhausting. But there is always time to sleep later! The only “bad” part was that because we went to so many parties, we didn’t get a decent evening meal for almost a week (my cousin’s Christmas Eve meal was well worth the wait though!). Walt lived on bread and cheese, and of course he loved it! I think it’s so fun how much he loves flavorful cheese. For instance, the other night he was licking blue cheese off potato chips. What kind of 1yo likes blue cheese? Especially one who wrinkles his nose at spaghetti?

I was so happy he had his cousins here to play with. He gets to see his European cousin only once a year, and C is so good with Walt. And Walt is now the same size as his cousin M, who’s 4 months older than him. So much fun to see them all running around together!

Daddy teaching Walt to play piano on Christmas morning. We stayed with my in-laws on Christmas Eve so we could see Walt’s great-Granny a little bit while she is in town too! It was wonderful to relax and not run around so much.

This is what we did Christmas day, waiting for dinner. The Nerf gun was a very popular gift this year. So was the Darth Vader helmet that made your voice sound like James Earl Jones. We all wanted one. And yes, the boys are trying to catch the bullets. Harder to do than you think!

It was a very Merry Christmas indeed!


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