A hard day.

25 Jan

Earlier this week I got one of those phone calls. The type where you look at the caller ID and see it is someone you haven’t heard from in awhile. What are they calling about? you wonder. You pick it up and cheerfully say “Hello!” and the bitter pause after they say a teary hello back leads you to quickly go through the list of people you both know because one of them is dead.

A good man, someone I very much liked and respected, is no longer with us, and it breaks my heart to know that yet another person is gone too soon.

A not-so-gentle reminder that our time here on earth is short, precious, and not to be wasted. He had written back in response to our Christmas card this year, and I was planning on getting in touch with him to ask him to dinner. I hadn’t seen him in a while. And now, now it is too late.


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