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Before you can sleep you must first live

26 Feb


Last week reminded me of what it is to be human. Don’t get me wrong. I love every day of my life and every minute with Walter. But sometimes it’s nice to feel independent, to remember a time before I was constantly on baby patrol. To actually be interacting with adults. It was great, and it was also utterly exhausting!

Tuesday I grabbed drinks at Argosy in East Atlanta with a friend. I love that place. My favorite new bar.

Wednesday was an impromptu birthday celebration for one of my best friends. It took a million years to get dinner at Benihana’s on Peachtree, but I loved every moment – and glass of wine!

Thursday I went to a poetry reading at Georgia Tech with David. Thomas Lux et al. started the Poetry at Tech series (all free) back in 2002, and it’s a little known Atlanta treat. I, however, hadn’t attended a reading in probably close to 3-4 years. Poetry and I had fallen out of favor, but I’m so glad I sought them out again. The poetry kids and I used to be very close. This particular reading reminded me why I loved it so much. It is enriching to see someone stand up and reveal personal details of their lives, written in a way that is unique to them in a way prose can never be. And there is nothing like watching someone perform; not even reading the same words leaves the same impression. And then of course the after party, with Lux’s rooftop view, sitting around with new and old friends, chatting about whatever, was awesome.

Friday was another last minute invite. David’s oldest friend (David got his first school suspension for biting Alex in preschool. Why David is so proud of that story, I’ll never quite get. Maybe it’s a boy thing. I hope he didn’t pass that on to Walt.) had a pizza party. I thought they were going to be ordering in Papa John’s, but it was delicious homemade pizza with all sorts of fresh toppings. There were many cool people there and more of David’s childhood friends. When Dave first got the invitation, all of a sudden a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cassette tape appeared on our kitchen table. It took me a few days to ask David why it was there. I thought he had ordered it off eBay or something like that. But it was actually vintage, mint condition, cowabunga style music from one of Alex’s birthday pizza parties from a long, long time ago. It was really hilarious watching the boys stand around listening to it at the 2014 party!


Saturday I was hoping to relax and get some work done, since I was given a big project on Friday that was due Monday, but David came down with a stomach bug, and I worked non-stop all day and night, pretty much, for the rest of the weekend, interspersed with more fun activities. We haven’t even had time to finish House of Cards season 2!

Sometimes being so very busy makes me feel so very alive.

And then it’s time to sleep like the dead!


This Used to be a Forest

22 Feb

IMG_20140221_105420846~2 - Copy

I pass this sign very frequently. It sits on Moreland near a coffee shop I’ve recently started to like to go to. It makes me think about how, indeed, not so long ago, this area was a forest. And how now East Atlanta is a concrete, asphalt, brick, paint, and power line forest.


Our outside appearances may change. Our technology may change. But really, it is the same as it has ever been. I recently read a biography of Jesus — Zealot by Reza Aslan, whose name reminds me of the lion in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, — and what Jesus was fighting against then we are still trying to change now. The gross inequity between the haves and have-nots. Over-taxation. Religious beliefs. Societal norms. War. Murder. Poverty. And it’s not like Jesus was the first man. This was happening thousands of years before him, as it has continued on for two thousand more. Even as a student of history, it’s hard to think that that many years have passed and yet we are the same breed of person, with the same collective thoughts.

I don’t know why this sign is there. It looks like it’s on private property. Does the person want this land to go back to being a forest? It makes me nostalgic for a all those years I never got to experience. We wanted to progress, and here we are, so far and yet not very far from where we started. And most likely it will, someday, be forest again. When society as we know it is long gone and this sign remains longer than all the other rubble. And when someone in the far distant future finds it, what will they think?

Photographic evidence of why wintery Utah was one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been

16 Feb

The cat was so happy we were back home that she didn’t get off my lap for 24 hours.

We left Atlanta snow, arrived for what I would call a Utah blizzard (1.5+ feet), and came home in time for more Atlanta snow. Let’s just say I appreciated the sunny 60° weather today.

Our first up close glimpse of the Rockies. Walter was a terror on the plane ride there. Not really sure why. I was exhausted when we finally reached the condo.

I’d never been to this part of the country before. It was stunning,
and having the mountains everywhere took my breath away
(and not due to lack of oxygen either).

First day there. Lots and lots of snow. Everyone went skiing, so Mimi and I bundled the babies up and went outside. It was warmer than I thought it would be outside, so Walt complained about the snow and the fact that he was too warm in all his layers.

Cousins are your first best friends!

Dave sent me a picture from the top of the mountain, and of some people he didn’t know.

Bundle up: it’s time to play in the snow with daddy too!

Day two: still snowing.
Walt’s laughing at mommy and daddy attempting to sled down the road.

Seriously, this sled was pretty much the only thing that made him smile outside. I was sad it didn’t fit into one of our 8 gajillion bags of snow gear for the ride home.

He’s not really sure why people play in the snow, but he’s still cute about it.

Daddy helping Walt build a snowman. Walt is sitting next to mommy’s creation: mound of snow. I had fun making it, I really did.

It’s just pretty everywhere there. And they know how to keep the roads drivable too!

View of the slopes at Park City before David attempted to teach me to ski (funny how small they look from the parking lot). Let’s just say the 3 year olds we saw on the slopes were more fearless than me. Maybe one day I’ll be a skier. At least I had fun snow tubing!

We went on a sleigh ride one night at dusk. The view was gorgeous despite the smell of riding behind horses. Side note: Can you imagine living in that house?

It’s fun to go on vacations where you experience something new.
I’m ready to move out West now.