All I need is chocolate

28 May

Whenever I’m feeling a little down, I want to eat chocolate. I think it’s become a basic tenet of my nature after the past 30 years of reinforcing that behavior.

For my mother’s birthday a week ago, I made her cupcakes. I was going to use pre-made chocolate icing, but when I was in the store looking at the packages and remembering how yucky they taste, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I made frosting for the first time ever and BOY was it delicious. Therefore I can never buy icing again. It was easier than I thought, but of course messy with powdered sugar and cocoa flying everywhere. But breathing in cocoa fumes is pretty wonderful, especially when I had spent the rest of the weekend breathing in grout dust. Yes, the pantry is super high class now that it has a tiled, and grouted, floor. I actually like going in there to do our laundry now.

So all this brings me to today. And my desire to make homemade brownies. What else am I going to do with the rest of the box of cocoa powder? I’ve been trying not to eat too many sweets ever since Lent ended and I overdosed on chocolate that first week. I think I now understand why heroin addicts die after they fall off the wagon. It’s just so good, why not eat another bite? But I can’t, unless I make brownies, since there are no store bought goodies in our house. The Blue Bell ice cream is all gone, but the ingredients for mind-stopping brownies are just waiting to be mixed together.

Sometimes, the only other thing that makes me as happy as chocolate is this kid:

Here he is showing his cousin where his nose is. Totally adorable.

And then there are other times when Walt makes me want chocolate even more. Today is one of those days, and mama is going to show little boy how to make life even sweeter.


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