Hello there, Dugout Johnston

11 Sep

It is really fantastic when a new thing meshes so simply into your life, as if it was always there. That’s when you know you’ve found someone or something great. Recently, for us, it was a little dog named Duggy.


When I first met David, literally, on the very first night after that very first round of darts, he told me how he was going to get a dog that week. He asked me to help him pick out a dog. A good idea at 4am on a Thursday night. An overwhelming idea in clear daylight. I declined when he called, but we played another round of darts on Monday and the rest is history. He did get a dog that weekend, but had to return said dog because whenever he left the house the dog howled, and that didn’t work with Dave’s recording artist roommate.

David spent the next six years talking about the previous doggy loves of his life, especially Itchy in Iraq and Stuffy when he was growing up. So when recently a friend of an old friend was looking for someone to take a foster dog, I thought, Why not try the dog out for a week? We wouldn’t be committed, but if we fell in love we could keep her. Turns out the dog hated cats and bit people out of frustration, which isn’t great with a toddler running around. I was ready to avoid any more dogs, but I had gotten my husband re-excited about dog ownership. So we went looking for a dog even though we thought we were crazy for adding on more responsibility and expense than we already had.

At the Humane Society, we walk up to Duggy’s cage (who was shelter-named Beau and one of few non-pitbull mixes there) and David says “Ohhh no” as if he’s found the awesomest dog ever. We played with him in the meet-and-greet room, then went home to sleep on it. I absolutely knew we would be going back the next day to get him when I looked up his photo online and said, “What do you think he’s mixed with?” and David replied, “Beagle and cuddliness.”

So after church we went to get him and despite my sense of impending doom, Duggy (we had already decided we wanted to name him Dug the dog) slept on the floorboards on the ride home. Hm, I thought, he is already exceeding expectations!

 And thus was born the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Duggy doesn’t shed much at all (praise the Lord), was already housebroken (thank you God!), listens well, learns quickly, likes to sleep, doesn’t wake us up in the morning, and is sweet and cuddly. He is great with other people and other dogs, except on the leash. He has what is called “leash aggression” only towards dogs, which we need to work on because it is embarrassing and frustrating, especially since he didn’t seem to have it when we first got him.

Walt loves his furry friends.

Who’s taking whom on a walk here?

Cuddle bug!

Nap time!

I’m glad Walt gets to grow up with such a gentle teacher.


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