Walt’s 2nd Birthday

17 Sep

It’s already been a month since Walter turned two, and I can’t believe it. At the rate time is passing I’m going to be 80 before I know it (if I’m lucky). We didn’t do too much to celebrate, but we did have a great time.

In the morning, Nini met us at Catch Air to play. Walt really enjoyed it a lot more than he did the first couple times we went.

The big slide has so many almost vertical stairs it makes me nervous. Walt, however, loved it!

He wanted to go down all by himself!

The ball pit was his next favorite after I dragged him away from the slide.

Pure joy.

Just one big giant padded playhouse of fun.


Then we met Daddy for lunch and went home to nap. We had his birthday dinner with Grandpa and Nini at Jalisco Mexican Restaurant, a family favorite. Walt, like his mama, loves the cheese dip of course. Nini also brought a Publix cupcake, which Walt devoured, and Jalisco’s provided the hat, which Walter hated.




He’s two. He knows what he likes!

It was calm, there was no themed party, but my boy was happy.


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