Many “crafternoons”

21 Sep

This week I have been very creative… or at least productive. Having an upcoming baby shower (and a person with a new baby to whom you want to give a present) will do that to you. I also completed a much overdue project in the nursery: curtains for the window to replace partially broken shades.

I love our cute, Walter-sized duffel bag very much and thought it would be a great present to buy and fill with little gifts for friends. That, however, got expensive, so I decided to make my own using this tutorial — thank you crafters who share free patterns/tutorials! It is smaller than I expected (because apparently I don’t equate measurements with real life), but it’s super easy and is adorable.

The girlie version.

For a boy!

Already quilted fabric is very expensive. So is pre-made webbing. I’ll have to do some bulk shopping in the future if I want to make these on a regular basis, cause with the zipper (which was a first for me and surprisingly easy to do) it was almost as expensive as buying a factory made one from China/Amazon.

I’m almost done with the curtains. One is a little too lopsided for my Type A personality, and I need to sew on the ribbon to make it easy to undo them and tie them up. The whole point of replacing the broken shutters was it drove me crazy to open them to look out at the pretty, tree-filled view. I made them blackout curtains, which we’ve never used before with Walter, because, well, why not?

Cutsie koala fabric.

Ta-da! Looks so cozy in his play corner now!

There are several more projects ready to go (cut out and everything!), but for now I’m happy to have gotten some things done that have been on the back burner. Go, mama, go!


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