Fun Friday in Fall at the Farm

26 Sep

This week has been so perfect weather-wise that I knew I wanted to visit the Atlanta History Center soon. Going during the summer was great, but the farm got hot and has a few mosquitoes that also reside there.

We started off our morning with a delicious breakfast.

That’s actually a fork in his orange juice.

Then we met my good friend Katina and her daughter A at the farm.


We walked around talking about their vegetable gardens (where Walt left footprints in their perfect, raised beds), farm co-ops in the suburbs, and homeschooling. There was a homeschooling group there also that we chatted with a bit, and it only furthered my interest in doing that after Walt finishes preschool.

Then we learned a bit about blacksmithing. I cannot say enough how much I love the demonstrations and the 1864 character actors with their super Southern accents.


Walter watched when he wasn’t playing in the dirt.

Tomorrow is their Fall Folklife Festival, and I can’t wait to fight the crowds to enjoy all the other things they’ll have to offer, like storytelling and food preserving for the winter and curing meats. The best part is, they’re actually doing this stuff, not just telling you about it. I bet the actresses in the kitchen with the open fire are enjoying the fall weather as much as I am. And I’m not even wearing vintage antebellum dresses.

Maybe the best picture of our boy yet.


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