Attempt #2 at selling our house: a little bit more reality

27 Dec

I made this beautiful flyer to sell our house. I thought we might try to sell by owner, but we found an agent with a marketing plan that I hope will accomplish all our goals. And now that Christmas is over, I’d really like to get this show on the road!

House FrontFINAL


House Back

My dad is right. He said, “It’s easy to buy a house. It’s hard to sell one.”

The Zillow link to our listing.

I would like to think we’ve learned a little bit about humility from the first time we listed our house (for what we think it is worth based upon the money and labor we’ve invested into the property), but it is always about the elusive “market”. We’ve improved our house (even more), lowered the price, and are very interested in selling because we have a house under contract in Marietta, GA. It will be quite a big change to go from city living to the suburbs, but we are ready for it. Our house in the city is beautiful and located in one of the best neighborhoods you can hope to live in. It is also an interesting neighborhood. One that I will miss. Every day we stay here our roots grow deeper, but I’m anxious to put roots down where I see us living until we grow old.

So if you know anyone looking for a great 3/2.5 in Ormewood Park…


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