A Costco Miracle

10 Jan

The other day when Walter and I were accomplishing a week’s worth of chores in two hours, we of course had to go to Costco. You know your son is smart (or at least frequently runs errands with his mama) when you are driving in to the parking lot and he gasps and says, “Costco!”

We zipped through the store, only putting in three extra items that weren’t originally on our list, which is nearly a miracle in that place, and we were in the checkout line when the kind strangers behind us became instantaneous friends with Walter (he tends to do that to people) and they said, “What a sweet kid! And he looks just like you!”

To which I responded by getting down on my knees and kissing their feet, because by my count they’re only the second or third person to say that to me in the past 2 1/2 years.



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