5 ways…

23 Jan

…that being a mother is difficult:

1. The times when I notice how truly selfish I still am

2. Feeling like I have a harder time at this than other moms

3. Wanting to stay up late and almost never getting to sleep in

4. Going in to “brain stem mode” and getting upset with my kid cause he can’t always read my mind

5. The occasional thought that it would be great to purchase a one-way ticket to Europe

…that being a mother is the most awesome, wonderful thing that could have ever happened to me:

1. Being called “mama”

2. When he cries, he’s crying for me

3. When he runs around all happy and independent, I have never been prouder

4. When he falls asleep nursing… or cuddling (now that he’s weaned)

5. Knowing that Walter is the only person alive on this earth who knows (besides me) what it is like to live inside of me

My angel boy!

I wouldn’t trade any moment of this journey for anything.


One Response to “5 ways…”

  1. Sarah January 26, 2015 at 10:54 am #

    Such a great list! I can relate. When did that little boy of yours get so big?? He’s looking more and more like a ‘kid.’ (An adorable one!)

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