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Fun in the 2015 sun

29 Mar

This weekend was great after the rain of the past couple weeks. Just in time for your normal spring activities, like spending time outdoors finding plastic, colorful eggs filled with treats and, of course, gardening.

Friday was still too cold to garden outside, so we planted some basil and parsley seeds that we found at Target. Walt kept talking about “making dirt” because when you put water on these small pellets a whole lot of dirt came out of it. It was cool.

When it’s too cold to play outside we do things like torture the pets.

Walter’s very first egg hunt was at the house of friend of Mimi and Pop’s. They had an easier side for the younger kids to do, but we took Walt to the big kid’s hunt, even though he had never done it before. He never really got into looking for them, though he really enjoyed when he would find one. His squeal of happiness (once he knew they were filled with candy) was priceless.

I forgot to dress him up in Easter-inspired clothing. He still was mighty cute though.

He ended up getting a lot of eggs because the other kids gave up pretty quickly, thinking they had found them all, but we stuck around and found all the better hidden ones. I think the 4 parents/grandparents to 1 Walter ratio worked out in his favor.

It was a cold but pretty – and sugar filled – morning.

Pop had to take a picture of the aftermath.

This afternoon I took Walt to the backyard to plant some Caladium bulbs. He loved helping.

“Bye bye, bulbs! See you soon!”



The Fence

23 Mar

Spring is here!

There might be other people that were more excited over getting a fence than I was, but they weren’t me, so to me it felt like the most exciting fence experience ever. I love when big things happen at the house. Like three years ago when we took down the giant, dying oak tree in the front yard. I sat on the porch with a beer and watched the whole thing. We used our wedding money to do that, so you know it was a big deal.

Hollow from the ants. This guy was amazing up there.

Through a neighbor referral I found First Fence and hired them to do the “backyard”. I say that because it is really our side yard because we face the incorrect way for our street address/plot. 50% of people get majorly lost trying to find our house because there is an identical address over near Cheshire Bridge, which is 30 minutes away. Basically everything in Atlanta is 30 minutes away from us, unless you live on the East side of town. Then it is always 15 minutes.

So the fence guys were 30 minutes late, making me stress, before my very first WebEx meeting, that they would be installing forever the incorrect fence. Of course that didn’t happen, and they did a fantastic job. I’m just not used to working. I watch children. It’s what I’ve done since I was a child myself, at 12 years old. The only job I’ve steadily had. I’ve always done other jobs along the way, like the scrapbook store, frame shop, publishing, trucking compliance… I’m really a trade kind of gal who also happens to be a history, psychology, and doula scholar. Voracious fiction reader. If I stayed planted anywhere I might get pretty good at something, but I never have before.


Now Walter and Duggy (and even Petra) can go play in the yard without me constantly worrying about the street (and Duggy is a good dog but he occasionally runs away — who can blame him?). This fence is the best thing to happen to me since Walter was born! The first three days after we got it were beautiful and we played outside so much that Walt asked to go back inside — ha!

Now we can really enjoy because mommy can relax!

My boy shines as bright as the sun.

The Hour

10 Mar

7:30am is supposed to note the gentle hour as the sun rises. By 8 or 8:30 your day should (or at least could) be in full swing.

But no, DST dictates otherwise for an archaic reason that now seems more like the government exerting time control over hundreds of millions of people. I’m sorry, government, but you can’t dictate when the sun rises, no matter how much you mess with my clocks. And now that we are so technological and interconnected, most of my clocks change for me. Even the cheap plug in alarm clock we have.

But I will find a way to protest this, to boycott. Maybe not this year, since I have a feeling it will involve some kind of preparation to let everyone know that I won’t be following the man’s rules, but look out 2016.

This is just one more small notch on the belt of massive change that needs to happen.


The Farm

8 Mar

Life is full of wonders. I have lived here for four or five years now and I never knew there was a farm smack dab in the middle of our neighborhood. A hero, Farmer Red, saved five acres of land in the heart of Ormewood Park, and he calls it UFO — Urban Farm Ormewood. It is my new favorite place, probably because it is a mile and a half walk away.


Today was a glorious day outside, and our friends who found out about the farm took us there as a fun outing. Perfect weather. A little bit chilly so it made it great to run around. Walter is never bothered by the cold anyway, and baby Canon didn’t seem to care either. The sunshine was brilliant, and the calm open space a joy.


Beautiful even in the winter. And there’s a tree swing!


Never a better day was had.

The Party

7 Mar

Last Sunday we went to an old friend’s wedding kick-off event. It was a small group of really cool people our age, hosted by a really cool group of adults our parents’ age that all live in Ansley Park. We hired a babysitter for the night, a very sweet girl who lives literally across the street from us. This was the second time Walter has had a paid babysitter (besides preschool), and I have to say, it makes me feel like a grown up. Even though I haven’t babysat since Walter was born, it is an weird feeling to pay someone to do what you used to do for money.

Being around lots of other happy couples (mostly other couples had been invited) made me terribly glad that David has loved me so long. 6 1/2 years so far. It is incredibly powerful to know that someone has chosen to love you through thick and thin, no matter what, and then live up to that challenge. He’s from the hill people of Scotland. He sticks around and puts up a fight.

My only other relationship that has lasted longer than with my husband — besides with my parents and siblings and a few school friends — is with my cell phone number. I’m pretty sure I could make a legal case if someone tried to take that number from me. You’ve been able to reach me at that number since I was 16 — when I got my first cell phone. Man was that thing a giant, and all it did was call and text. I miss that.

For a while we had a second phone line growing up. It ran into the guest bedroom and was somewhat my dad’s number, but we all used it. One night as we were eating dinner, we let the machine pick up, and we heard “Hello, hello, are you there?” in what we thought was my late grandmother’s voice. Caller ID: unknown number.

I was chatting with a new friend at the party, and he was talking about how he had known his girlfriend since they were ten, but they just recently started dating. But the best part for him was that since they had known each other for so long, they didn’t have to get past the “representative”. He said something like, “That’s the worst part of dating. For the first couple months you meet someone’s representative, and then you finally get to know them.” And while I instantaneously thought that was true, I also realized that I think that’s what I’ve been doing for myself lately. Getting rid of my own representative. It’s as if a filter is shedding, and I am becoming free.

Polaroids rock. So does this group of awesomeness. These guys have been friends since they were Walter’s age. And they have great arm candy now too.

And speaking of people that are awesome, have I mentioned lately how much I love Walter? Every day is an brand new experience of love like I never thought it could be. He’s absolutely my favorite person in all the world.