The Hour

10 Mar

7:30am is supposed to note the gentle hour as the sun rises. By 8 or 8:30 your day should (or at least could) be in full swing.

But no, DST dictates otherwise for an archaic reason that now seems more like the government exerting time control over hundreds of millions of people. I’m sorry, government, but you can’t dictate when the sun rises, no matter how much you mess with my clocks. And now that we are so technological and interconnected, most of my clocks change for me. Even the cheap plug in alarm clock we have.

But I will find a way to protest this, to boycott. Maybe not this year, since I have a feeling it will involve some kind of preparation to let everyone know that I won’t be following the man’s rules, but look out 2016.

This is just one more small notch on the belt of massive change that needs to happen.



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